Hotel Kipepeo Restaurants has the original idea of displaying fresh samples of selected items from the menu fully prepared on a display sideboard. The Maitre’D is always ready and happy to explain exactly what is in each dish, tell you what a Samosa is, and the difference between sukuma wiki and spinach, both full of iron and very healthy eating!The Restaurant serves a daily buffet and also an extensive a la carte menu, being a mix of African and international dishes. Try some of the local specialties such as githeri, a kind of vegetable stew based around beans, or matoke, bananas mashed with potato, actually originally from Uganda, or irio or ndengu. For the not so adventurous, just fall back on old favourites like roast chicken and chips or grilled tilapia fillet from Lake Victoria. It’s a hot day so something to drink is of course essential. As well as all the international sodas available, try some local non-alcoholic drinks like Alvaro or a freshly made passion or mango juice. But no meal is really complete without sampling the local Tusker beer, brewed in Kenya since the 1920’s. This is a light, refreshing lager with a more powerful cousin, Tusker Malt.The ambiance of the Restaurant is stimulating yet relaxing as the friendly waiting staff hurry to complete your orders. Most nights there is live musical entertainment, either local or international, so there is really no need to leave the hotel Bar and Restaurant to find that relaxing mood!

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